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Rachel Ilan Simpson / Google

Interaction Designer

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October 10th / tba

Fake it 'till you Make it: Prototyping for Interaction

Telling a story is the most compelling way for designers to drive their vision across disciplines. Rarely do we have the time and budget for full scale production within a project, so we need a toolset ready for producing compelling interactive prototypes, animations and storytelling at a fraction of the time and energy.

This fast-paced talk will give Designers the tools they need to rapidly start preparing compelling product stories to get early cross-company buy in for their ideas.


Rachel Ilan Simpson is an Interaction Designer living in Munich, Germany. She has worked as a Freelance Interaction Designer, as well as for a number of award-winning agencies. She’s currently working for Google.

For fun, she has recently helped to organize the first German version of a “Maker Faire”, called Make Munich. She also started Munich Design Jam, which brings together coders, designers, and business people to build cool products over the course of a day.

She likes rock climbing, Dr. Who, and making supper with nerdy folks.

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