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Min Hu / Yammer (Microsoft)

Product Designer

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October 10th / 10:00

Bonsai your product

Designers always want to achieve minimalism in their design. It’s easy when you start a brand new project. But what happens when you are facing a more mature product with features accumulated over a few years?

Min will talk about how designers can use data and Bonsai art principles in the process of selecting and removing features. The audience will walk away with thoughts on when and how to push for less features. And which possible hurdles will be faced in this process.


Min Hu is a product designer based in San Francisco. She currently leads UX design across web and mobile features at Yammer, where she helps people to be more connected and engaged at work.
Before becoming a product designer, she worked at R/GA, an award winning agency, with clients including HP, Microsoft, Nike and more.

Min comes from a science background. She spent many years collecting scientific data and conducting science experiments before discovering her passion in design. Data always had a special place in her heart. She likes to approach design both from a creative and analytical prospective.

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