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Martina Mara / Ars Electronica Futurelab

The Robot Whisperer

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October 11th / tba

Greetings, robot car! Gesture communication between humans and autonomous machines

Over the next decade, robots will be playing a role in more and more aspects of everyday life—for instance, household assistance systems, in various medical fields, and in the shipping & transportation industry. So it’s extraordinarily important to initiate a discussion about how these intelligent machines ought to be engineered so that we human beings will feel well amongst them. And especially in collaboration with carmakers. On one hand, this has to do with vehicles’ exterior design; but it also entails developing a functional language for communication between humans and robots.


Martina’s current research mostly focuses on human-robot interactions, especially on experiments with humanlike robots through which she explores why we sometimes find them eerie or have difficulties to accept them. Martina uses narrative persuasion and storytelling to make robots more integrated into society.

Martina is also part of multiple interdisciplinary project/concept teams at the Ars Electronica Futurelab, working together with international partners such as Honda, Toshiba or Daimler on more applied questions related to potential future products and services.

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