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Marcus Eckert

Motion Code Magician

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October 10th / 17:00

Getting from A to B - The Art of Interpolation

Many of the problems in crafting user experience revolve around getting from A to B: Moving out a screen, introducing an new object or pushing geometry into the right position. The way, however, in which this is done, is rarely given much thought. But going beyond boiler-plate interpolation methods is not only surprisingly easy, it is also immensely powerful when it comes to shaping the experience of an interface.

In this talk we will have a closer look at the art of interpolation, both in time and in space. Choosing the right interpolation methods for animations gives a UI character and will influence the mood of an application in subtle or not so subtle ways. The right interpolation is also central to building custom geometry and crafting objects that stand out from the fold. Interpolation is the detail that needs to be gotten right.


Marcus Eckert is a freelance developer and designer with a focus on crafting interfaces and interactions.

Originally a self-taught motion designer, he set out to write the game Wide Sky for iOS in 2012. It went on to be downloaded over two Million times, to be featured by both Starbucks and Apple and to be nominated for a Webby.

Marcus is now taking his experience as a motion designer and his knowledge of code to write a UI framework with a focus on animation and custom geometry. His drive is to find new playful ways to interact with our devices and to bring the sophistication from complex motion graphics to real-time software. During the daytime he is working with international brands to make their mobile solutions come to life.

Marcus is a German ex-pat living in Oslo, Norway.

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