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Jenny Ludwig

Maker Mind

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October 11th / tba

The maker movement - nerds, get out of your garage

Makers are creative technic enthusiasts who like to develop, repair and improve products instead of simply consuming them. Easy to use tools like Wordpress made web-design a mass phenomenon, the maker scene uses hardware open source and 3D printing to give easy access for producing your own gadgets to everyone.

Especially designers find a new playground to transform their ideas to feasible products. With easy to learn hardware like Arduino you don’t need to be an electronic engineer to create a running electronic prototype within hours. In this talk, Jenny will give more insights and share the concept of the growing, international maker community by presenting successful and also playful maker projects and products.


Jenny Ludwig is an industrial designer who was not only interested in product development, furthermore in the fact who is actually buying this products. That´s why she studied marketing & communication afterwards. After spending some years in add agencies, she specialized in technical marketing for Autodesk product sale, CAD implementation consulting and 3d printing.
She joined the team of the first Make Munich (a maker fair & DIY festival) last year as a co-organizer and is now organizing the event full time. With Make Munich she wants to foster a culture of repair, connect people from different backgrounds and create a technical playground for grown up kids.

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