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Gregor Hofbauer / Strukt

Creative Director

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October 11th / 11:00

A Viennese Love Story

This talk will tell the story of a company and its clients who grew close and learned a lot about each other along the way so that finally something truly unique could see the light of day.
Over the past years clients grew more and more fond of the idea to use interactive and generative techniques to present their products in a more relatable and surprising way. Gregor and his team at Strukt love to work on projects that help clients translate their commercial message into a fun, but more importantly, a memorable experience.


Gregor Hofbauer is one of the partners and the creative director of Strukt, a design studio based in Vienna, Austria. In his former years he worked as a motion graphics designer in New York. With the start of Strukt in 2007 Gregor and his four partners focussed on telling stories by creating experiences rather than serving the audience predigested messages.

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