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Dominikus Baur

Mobile Visualiser

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October 11th / tba

Is that a chart in your pocket? Mastering mobile visualizations.

Everything is moving towards mobile devices - phones, tablets and soon watches - even data visualization. However, simply drawing your bar charts a little smaller doesn't cut it.

Touch interaction, sensors and context somewhat restrict but also enable designers in exciting new ways.

In this talk, Dominikus will explain how a 'Data First'-approach can help in creating web-based mobile visualizations that do more than just work.


Dominikus Baur is a data visualization expert and mobile interaction design developer. He received a Ph.D. in Media Informatics from the University of Munich and worked as a researcher at Columbia University and the University of Calgary.

He currently lives in Munich, Germany and spends his time as a freelancer, consultant, trainer and independent researcher.

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