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Julius Dietz & Daniel Neame / Brandwatch

Visualisation Experts

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October 10th / tba

Vizia: Social Analytics + Visualisation = Tech Challenges

Julius and Dan will introduce you to the vision behind Vizia, a next generation Command Center data viz product and talk about some interesting coding and design challenges they hit that you might not think of at first!


Julius Dietz started out as a web dev and UI designer at Brandwatch and, right from the start in 2007 helped shaping the experience of Brandwatch Analytics and its evolution into the comprehensive and intelligent platform that it is now. He is now the Head of UX at Brandwatch and runs their Stuttgart office (where he’s looking for talented Javascript and Java coders btw).

On the web you can find him as @juliusdietz.

Dan Neame started his career as a Java programmer and systems administrator but quickly moved into front end development and design. He’s been coding using open web technologies ever since, and is a regular speaker at tech meetups in Brighton as well as an occasional contributor to Net magazine. Dan’s been at Brandwatch since 2011 where he joined as a JavaScript engineer, and now leads the Vizia team.

On the web you can find him as @cham.

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