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Ben Fry / Fathom / Processing

Founder of Processing

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October 11th / 16:00

Dancing with Data - Interactive Information Visualisation

The current information age is marked by people drowning in ever-increasing amounts of data. While the focus has been primarily on technical solutions—more hardware, software, and engineers — the toughest issues are fundamentally design problems. By focusing on issues like audience and the context of use, we can find more human solutions to data problems. And by addressing how we navigate and explore information, the experience of end-users can be empowering instead of overwhelming.


Ben Fry is a multi-talented interaction designer, data visualization expert and media technologist.

Together with Casey Reas he initiated Processing, a low-entry programming language enabling designers to quickly create rich visual and interactive applications.
These days, Ben Fry creates beautiful complex data visualizations with his company Fathom.

He received his doctoral degree from the MIT Media Laboratory, where his research focused on combining fields such as computer science, statistics, graphic design, and data visualization as a means for understanding information.

In 2011, Ben won the National Design Award for Interaction Design. At a White House luncheon for the honorees, he had the opportunity to meet Michelle Obama, whom he found to be very gracious but quite imposing in heels.

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